In terms of politics .. President Hillary would be nice.
If she doesn't win .. it's like if they suck twice.

Coca-Cola I kill it quick.
Hola Hova had to quit.

I cut your nuts with a single rhyme.
I mean .. I cut your nuts with a single rhyme.

Me and Taylor Swift have 50'000 pics together.
But when you check on Google .. you only see whatever.

I love you Malia Obama .. has 9-51 likes.
While My Malia's Facebook page has 951 likes.

Don't teach a boy to ask for mercy .. teach him to be a man.
You are messing the all shit up .. bitch goddamn!

I'm still getting used to the fact that ..
I be a very gifted person .. and all that.

I shot her picture in 2009.
You can say I love you Margareth .. to me that's fine.

When you've got a very special place .. in Xi MingZe's life.
Cause she's one of the few people .. who can relate to your real life.

My sister Nicole .. is a surgeon.
I mean .. my dream was not to be a surgeon.

You wanna see RiRi ..
You know ? .. My Queen B.

Niggaz be like .. they don't love you no more ?
Suckers never did .. black rap is too hardcore.

Exploited ? .. No baby .. it's fifty fifty.
I bet on Phoebe .. she's such a pretty.

Eve showed out .. with Lily last night
Looking into her eyes .. I can say our link is tight.

What if with she or she ? .. It really doesn't matter.
When a good girl gets married .. she's kind of gone forever.

My love is big or small .. only in your mind.
They say keep searching .. and you will find.

She's so sweet that she can make me cry .. like it was nothing.
Just to let you know .. that I like the song .. Frontin.

Baby sent me a message .. the night before.
It's not like she cheated .. or no love me no more.

I'm not James Joyce .. I'm more from Moscow.
Joust to say .. io non ti conosco.

I like Forrest Gump .. he was a humble man.
My crew is the Gun .. you know how funky I am.

What's the point of dissing my father when he's dead ?
For your own security .. we don't want you sad.

I never sent Kiss Me .. to a record label.
I had no record deal .. but not 'cause I wasn't able.

When Donald Trump tells you .. he had to face several million dollars in dept.
You know that you can handle .. one hundred thousand dept.

Without that information .. you might think that you are done.
That's why too many people .. kill themselves with a gun.

You know .. buying hotels .. selling hotels
Chanel N5 .. you know how my bitch smells.


When I love You Malia Obama has 3'400 likes.

Like .. only 50 Cent damn .. what a bitch!
don't fuck around acting like .. you are rich!

Are you or not with .. Jacob Zuma.
Are you or not with .. Rihanna and Puma.

-The Genius Boy-